Five years ago on this day, the final practice teaches begin. C. is the first in my group (facilitated by Jurian, Queen of Sounds), and then K., whose class is facilitated by Wendy from Saratoga Springs. Lots of talking, sharing, tears, and fears afterward, with lots of profound statements. I feel so anxious sitting there as everyone speaks so eloquently and deeply, craving an emotional experience like the ones they had, craving the applause, the relief, the epiphanies. Even Megha gets emotional, crying, telling us that seeing us like this is like sending your children off to college. H. weeps freely about his disheartening experience, A. says something magnificent, and All You Need is Love, Love, Love–Love is All You Need.


Evening sadhana is with Devarshi, a bit of dancing, intense hara pratapana, and some excellent partner yoga. Gorged on chocolate during practice teach prep, stayed up till midnight talking to Meditation John, Energy James, and some cool Seva girl, drinking tea, feeling increasingly sick, and studying my class notes. Went to bed feeling like I was either having a heart attack and/or suffocating.