Bryan and I are obsessed with watching 24 via Netflix instant-watch. Since being burned by the series finale of LOST, we have difficulty watching shows in real-time anymore. So instead of watching something for 6 years and enduring the commercial breaks, writers’ strikes, and 9-month-long hiatuses, we’ll just wait until the show is canceled and watch it at our own leisure. That way, even if the finale stinks, we’ll only have wasted a few months, not years.

In honor of the show that’s been dominating our Wii, here are some 24-esque photos:

Parking garages. The scariest spots in the world, after basements.

Sepulveda Dam (with bonus chaturanga). A required location in at least one episode of every spy/crime TV series.

Must undergo full-body scan before being admitted into SD-6/APO/CTU, etc etc.

Whenever Bryan and I are deeply involved in a TV series like this, our ways of talking/interacting with each other begin to morph into the show’s theme and mood. For example, when we watched the entire Sopranos series from start to finish, we tended to curse more and spoke like sleazy mobsters, and when we watched Alias we went out and bought Nerf guns so we could have spy battles in our living room.

QUESTION: Do you tend to do this too? Do you get so involved in a TV show that it begins to infiltrate your language, interactions, and life?

Watching 24 before bed is NOT a good idea for me. I have terrorist-related dreams almost every night now! 😐