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A short tribute to my favorite part of the morning:

Bryan and I are obsessed with watching 24 via Netflix instant-watch. Since being burned by the series finale of LOST, we have difficulty watching shows in real-time anymore. So instead of watching something for 6 years and enduring the commercial breaks, writers’ strikes, and 9-month-long hiatuses, we’ll just wait until the show is canceled and watch it at our own leisure. That way, even if the finale stinks, we’ll only have wasted a few months, not years.

In honor of the show that’s been dominating our Wii, here are some 24-esque photos:

Parking garages. The scariest spots in the world, after basements.

Sepulveda Dam (with bonus chaturanga). A required location in at least one episode of every spy/crime TV series.

Must undergo full-body scan before being admitted into SD-6/APO/CTU, etc etc.

Whenever Bryan and I are deeply involved in a TV series like this, our ways of talking/interacting with each other begin to morph into the show’s theme and mood. For example, when we watched the entire Sopranos series from start to finish, we tended to curse more and spoke like sleazy mobsters, and when we watched Alias we went out and bought Nerf guns so we could have spy battles in our living room.

QUESTION: Do you tend to do this too? Do you get so involved in a TV show that it begins to infiltrate your language, interactions, and life?

Watching 24 before bed is NOT a good idea for me. I have terrorist-related dreams almost every night now! ­čśÉ

Namaste, and welcome to Flowtation Devices’ yoga room!

Because it’s just me and my husband living in a house with technically four bedrooms, I didn’t hesitate to convert one of the spare rooms upstairs in my personal yoga haven when we bought the bungalow six years ago.

Here’s the view from the doorway:

The sloped ceilings limit my options for yoga mat placement, because otherwise forget high-sweeping sun salutes! On the left is a little altar for little trinkets like a Tibetan charm my friend gave to me, a chocolate wrapper with an inspirational message about dance, and a stone engraved with “Remember,” which I bought during my final days at YTT. In the middle is Buddha with some prayer flags (thanks, Richard Gere!), and on the right is a props table that also includes framed photos from my 2008 Kripalu adventure. On the floor is my super-thin Prana yoga mat, which does a superb job ripping the skin off the bottom of my toes. Seriously, it’s like sandpaper! Why do I still have it?!

From this angle you see my yoga bookcase, filled with old magazines, my YTT text/notebooks, several yoga/dance/movement-related books of which I’ve read about 10%, and my framed Kripalu yoga teacher certificate. The white poster hanging on the right is a doodle from my YTT, when we were asked to draw what our future looks like. Mine includes footprints, handprints, hearts, arrows, spirals, and traffic lights. Someday I will ask my art therapist friend what that all means.

And here’s the view from the floor. Don’t mind my “Barbies of the World” collection there on the shelves. I’m not a collector-type person, but I make an exception for international Barbie dolls. Those are just a handful; the others are sitting in a storage box behind that giant wall hanging! My first pair of pointe shoes is hanging there on the left, too. ­čÖé

Not pictured is the fourth wall of the room, which is just a giant dresser filled with clothes. It also houses my stereo and yoga CD collection.

Thanks for visiting my little yoga space!

What every spring Saturday should be like:

Window displays like this:

Little kids who make art out of trash and recyclable materials and set up shop on the street:

Buying said kids’ artwork, because it reminds me of when I made pins and magnets out of old puzzle pieces decorated with puffy paints and fingernail polish and tried to sell them at my parents’ yard sale:

Stores that sell nothing but flavored popcorn (I bought a bag of root beer):

Bakeries that sell THESE:

(and also peanut butter and raspberry jelly cupcakes, which is what I bought).

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